The saga of Indian Cuisine is a ballad of prose sung through Millennia across mighty mountains, gushing rivers and great landscapes.

The culinary art of cooking in India starts from the selection of organic ingredients. These ingredients are gradually sorted and mixed together to form a harmony of taste and aroma. The specialized marination and sautéing of these ingredients preserves the special herbal delights and magical sense tingling soothing therapy. This magic flows slowly from your sensory mouth to your mind and all the way creating an ever desirable sense of magical taste.

This magic is captured especially for you, in the heart of Frisco , by DAWAT Indian Cuisine. This elegant restaurant has a combination of traditional and modern interiors that meshes rustic charm with highbrow elegance.

At Dawat we offer "Open Table" reservations. Reserved for the 21+ over trendsetters and working professionals. This is a place to see or to be seen at dinner reservations. The menu here is contemporary and the staff will make any guest feel special with their service. Highlights of this place include candle light dinner and private dining room. Semi-formal attire is generally best among the somewhat older crowd that regularly visits the restaurant.

Our professionally experienced chefs offer the finest Indian cuisine with inventive and unique recipes. 

Dawat Indian Cuisine